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Lance Abbott:

Lance Abbott is a serious real estate investor, with an established portfolio of properties. When he decided to explore opportunities in Austin, he was referred to Dave Bair.


“I was looking for apartment complexes,” says Lance. “When I met Dave, I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me. He seemed genuinely interested in what my interests were. 


Dave wanted to make sure I got it right, and he put in extra time to make sure I got what I wanted.”


Lance continues to have a working relationship with Dave. “I appreciate Dave for several reasons. First, he’s personable. Second, he’s client-focused rather than commission-focused. Third, when it gets down to doing a deal, Dave has strong negotiation skills. Finally, his working experience outside of real estate has given him a good business sense. He understands the business side of things.”


“I’m happy to recommend Dave,” says Lance. "In fact, I’ve already referred him to one of my friends.”


Darren Bayless:

California resident Darren Bayless invested in several Florida properties before he began exploring opportunities in Austin. A referral led him to call Dave Bair. “I found Dave to

be very personable and I felt we were a good match. Most of all, I feel it’s important to work with an agent who’ll tell me the truth,” says Darren. “Dave is trustworthy.” 


Bayless was looking for investment opportunities in multi-family residences, and wanted an agent who understood the nuances of that market. “Dave has a strong knowledge base of the apartment complex business in Austin. He knows that segment of the market, and understands which areas are up and coming.”


An out-of-town buyer needs an agent who will actively serve as eyes and ears for his client. “Dave has great follow-up,” says Darren. “He gets back to me when he says he will with the information he says he’ll get.”


Darren Bayless is now an Austin property owner. “Dave helped me find the apartment complex I was looking for. Now, we’re looking for another one.”



Rebecca Pokluda:

Rebecca Polluda wanted to buy a property for her medical practice. “I probably wasn’t the easiest customer, because I’m not too experienced in commercial real estate, and at the same time, I wanted a free-standing building with a certain amount of warmth, and I was picky about my location.”


Enter Dave Bair. “I was referred to Dave by a good friend who raved about him. I found him to be warm, friendly and down-to-earth. I also appreciated that he was always available. He’d call me right back—always.”


With Dave’s help, Rebecca found the property she wanted. “Dave was easy to talk to and work with,” says Rebecca. “He really understood what I wanted and never wasted my time showing me properties I had no interest in. I would definitely recommend Dave to my friends and family.”